Long Term Care

In 2011, the nation’s Baby Boomers started turning 65. Over the next eighteen years, 80 million Americans will turn 50. With this unprecedented increase in our aging population, long term care has become an increasingly important issue.

Long Term Care (LTC) is needed when a chronic condition such as Alzheimer’s or stroke makes it too difficult to function independently. It covers a broad spectrum of services from home care to adult day care and assisted living, to nursing facility care.

LTC insurance may be your best option to help cover the future costs of care. It protects assets from serious erosion, while allowing access to quality care in the most appropriate and desirable setting. Some consider LTC insurance a gift to their families, unburdening them from caregiving responsibilities, while at the same time, providing “inheritance insurance.”

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Important Considerations

It makes financial sense to consider Long Term Care insurance now because securing coverage today is far more economical than applying in the future.

Buy Before Your Next Birthday. Your age when you apply will impact your premium payments for as long as you have insurance. Once you’re insured, premiums do not increase just because you get older. Waiting doesn’t pay—if you purchase sooner, you will pay less over time.

Chances Are You’ll Never Be Healthier. You’ll save significantly—as much as 20% annually—if you qualify for a preferred health discount. You’ll receive the discount for the lifetime of the policy, regardless of future health changes. As you age, your chances of qualifying for preferred rates will likely diminish. If you wait too long, a sudden decline in health could even become a barrier to obtaining coverage.

Schedule your no-obligation 15-minute telephone consultation today. Compare rates and features from five leading insurers. Sponsored group, preferred health, and married/partner discounts available.

Getting Started

Taking the first steps can be intimidating. Our Long Term Care specialists are here to assist. Using their considerable experience, they’ll help you navigate the options to find the best Long Term Care insurance for you.

Our Long Term Care advisers specialize in Long Term Care insurance—it’s the only thing they do. They’re not affiliated with any single insurance company and, therefore, they have no insurance company bias. They’ll help analyze your family’s circumstances and recommend a plan customized for your needs and your budget.

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You will incur no cost to ask questions, but the advice you receive could be priceless.

*Not all discounts available in all states.

Costs of Long Term Care

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Buying Smart, Young and Healthy

Avoid the cost of waiting

Federal Government Long Term Care Website

The National Clearinghouse for Long Term Care Information website

Our partner, Long-Term Care Resources (LTCR) is a national insurance agency and marketing company that represents the top LTC insurance companies in the industry. LTCR partners with alumni groups to assist members with their long-term care planning needs.

LTCR’s “best choice” model provides individuals with the flexibility to choose a plan that suits their unique circumstances. In addition, our members are able to obtain certain plans at discounted rates not available to the general public.

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