Auto Home & Choice partners are responding during these uncertain times with the following proactive steps to help their insureds, especially those who may be experiencing a financial hardship due to COVID-19:

  • Issuing credits on auto premiums for the next two months
  • Offering payment plans to those who may be struggling to pay their bills on time
  • Pausing policy cancellations and waiving late fees for non-payment

Special preferred rates on auto, home & renters insurance

Access to coverage in the most challenging states for auto and property insurance, including Alaska, California, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachussetts, New Jersey, Texas, and Florida

Easy online quotes that allow alumni to compare coverage options and get instant online approvals for some insurance types

Family eligibility for spouses, partners, children and more

Best-in-class insurance companies ranked A- or better by an independent rating agency

We partner with MyLifeProtected, a national digital insurance agency that enables strategic partners to provide relevant insurance offers to their members and customers.

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